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Take Me Away Travel is a travel agency based in Pennsylvania servicing travelling clients nationwide. We create high quality travel itineraries with accommodations selected for you and your travel party.


Our agency has evolved over the past eleven years in business. Ryan Trenn started locally in 2011 as an independent home based travel agent based on his passion for the Caribbean. After establishing a sustainable and growing Caribbean and Mexico focused travel agency, Ryan expanded his knowledge becoming a master of groups and destination weddings. Michelle joined the team a few years ago adding her love for cruises and long-distance travel to our specialties. In 2020, Peggi joined the team to learn more about the Caribbean, US travel, and family vacations. And last but certainly not least, in 2022, our agency manager, Ann Brownell, came onboard to bring her vast experience in Europe and luxury Caribbean resorts to the team along with a dynamic marketing mindset. TMAT is the perfect blend of travel industry knowledge and we are so proud of our blend of agents. 

Take Me Away Travel is your go to destination experts and travel authority that are a call or a click away. We understand travelers' priorities and create incredible experiences for a lifetime to come. 

Meet the Team



Agency Owner & Director
Mexico & Caribbean, Destination Wedding, Romance Travel & Group Specialist

When Ryan graduated Penn State, with a degree in management and marketing, he never thought that his love of traveling and his gift of gab would later evolve him into a luxury travel specialist and established business owner. Throughout his life, Ryan has seized every opportunity he could. It started by saying "Yes" to becoming a travel advisor. Then, he jumped on a plane to every island and into every training he could becoming a master agent for Caribbean and Mexico destination and resorts. Soon after, he started to build a team to share his knowledge and provide more for his clients. His passion is demonstrated through every itinerary; he takes the time to get to know clients and match their personality traits with the right destination. Ryan's mission is to make dream vacations come true, and he'll continue to do that for years to come.


phone: (844)825-3632

ann brownell.jpg


Agency Manager and Europe Travel Specialist

Ann's travel career with her own travel agency, Ann Brownell's Travel, took off in her hometown in Pennsylvania. Her life has taken flight time and time again, and Ann has soared through each and every experience coming out on top. When she moved to Tennessee, she found a new home for herself and her business. When she set fourth to become a Europe travel specialist, she found herself visiting new countries by plane and by river cruise. For her, it's about taking the path less-traveled and discovering life's best moments by meeting the people around the world, learning their culture, and sampling their flavors. As Ann's travel niche evolves in Europe, river cruising and luxury resort vacations, she found a huge benefit to merge with her good friend, Ryan of TMAT, to provide all services for her clients by working with the TMAT team. As the TMAT Agency Manager, Ann will bring her years of personal travel experiences and knowledge to the team and clients


phone: (570)466-5242



Cruise and Long Distance Travel Specialist

I was raised in rural Pennsylvania, and in my early 20’s, found myself on a new adventure living in the beautiful city of Las Vegas.  I took my first cruise when I was 28, and I fell in love with cruising; From the different ports and itineraries, to the different excursions, and even the relaxation on sea days, cruising is in my blood.  My first cruise ignited my love of travel, especially to places off of the beaten path.  I tend to prefer more obscure places, more unusual itineraries.  My passion for travel has lead me to become an agent with Take Me Away Travel.  I want to help people find their love of travel, and to create family memories.  I specialize in cruises, and have sailed all over the Caribbean.  I’m an experienced scuba diver, who has logged dives in 10 countries.  Please feel free to reach out to me to help book your dream vacation and to ignite your passion for travel.


phone: (702)530-3038



Family Vacations, Caribbean & US Travel Specialist

I found my love for traveling rather late in life. After raising a family, and owning my own health and fitness business, I decided to retire. It didn’t take long for me to learn a few things. I love to travel and I missed the business world and people. I took a few trips, cruised the Caribbean, spent some time in San Francisco, traveled to New Orleans and saw Graceland, and I love Las Vegas. I love to travel and  to dream.  I am passionate about helping people.   Being a travel agent helps me to do that and it enables me to help my clients dream and set their own goals. I can help you achieve those dreams. My years in the health and fitness business have taught me that we always need to dream, set goals and to go after them, the travel business enables me to continue helping people to do that. What is your dream? Where do you want to go? Dream big, let me help you get there.


phone: (814)787-4879

TMAT web headshoit.png


Cruise Travel Specialist

Meet Chris Davis, who grew up in the New York suburbs, but now lives in Orlando, Florida. Chris started his travel career, focusing on cruise travel, prior to 9/11. Chris’s journey has helped him lead a wonderful career in the pharmaceutical industry. He has found his way back to the travel industry almost twenty years later, now, with Take Me Away Travel. Chris met Ryan while traveling with Take Me Away Travel’s Way Down Here with Joe Bachman Group in 2021. Chris was fascinated with the behind-the-scenes creation of the group and could not wait to start booking trips again! We are excited to add another enthusiastic cruiser to our team who has been on seventeen cruises so far. With Chris on our team, we hope to share exciting cruise vacation opportunities with TMAT Travelers. Chris, also, hopes to help launch a TMAT Annual Agency Sailing in his coming years as an agent! We’re happy to have him aboard.  


phone: (321)297-2961

Kristy in DL.jpg


Theme Park & Themed Cruising Travel Specialist

Kristy Klaiber has over 10 years’ experience booking Disney destinations and Universal resorts, and she happens to be one of Ryan Trenn’s childhood best friends.  Once upon a time they dreamt of combining forces to work together, and the time finally came for Kristy to join the TMAT team!


Kristy’s talent is quite magical! She is a Universal Orlando Resort Specialist and a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge. Her focus is staying up-to-date with these destinations and experiences via online and in-person trainings. Her first-hand travels to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Orlando & Universal Hollywood and sailing onboard the Disney Cruise Line help her book dream vacations. Each vacation package she creates is designed to be as unique as her guests! She plans family vacations, reunions, honeymoons, anniversary trips, solo trips, and friends’ getaways. Kristy’s promise is to be with her travelers every step of the way so they can enjoy a Hakuna Mata (it means ‘no worries’), unforgettable vacation!


phone: (814)591-7252



Agency Assistant 

Kaysie Stehman, a New York native who moved to Pennsylvania when her oldest son was two, is bold, charming, and incredibly quick witted. Her hard-working characteristics paired with her loving motherly nature makes her the perfect fit for Take Me Away Travel’s Agency Assistant. In their previous careers, Ryan and Kaysie worked side-by-side together for about five years. Kaysie is gifted with the ability to multitask, stay organized, and come out on top of any chaos! She demonstrates these qualities through the success of her careers, professional and personal relationships, and in her day-to-day role as mom raising six amazing kids with her loving, supporting husband. At Take Me Away Travel, she will be busy processing travel confirmations, keeping clients informed of trip updates, and helping guests prepare for travel. As a new member of the TMAT team, Kaysie has a bright future in the travel industry. We can't wait to see where her travel industry journey takes her and her family. 




From TMAT Clients:

—  Sue, Pennsylvania

April 2, 2018

There were 20+ of us on a Spring Break trip who booked using Ryan. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Ryan was awesome. He took care of the entire trip including transportation and island excursions. And when the excursion was canceled suddenly (the tour company decided to not do the tour on a Sunday), he was quick to refund my money and rebooked for a later day. Ryan worked with us to ensure that we booked the best option at the resort which offered many different price points and room choices. We will definitely use Ryan again for Spring Break 2019.

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