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Destination: Caribbean

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Travelers visit Jamaica for its incredible beaches, water sports, adventurous activities, rainforest hiking, and vigorous waterfalls. There’s three main locations in the country where tourists travel to including Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Rich in culture and tradition, Jamaica offers a laidback vacation atmosphere. These locations are in more remote locations, but are more than worth the journey.

Golf vacations

St. Lucia

Known as the "Hawaii of the Caribbean" St. Lucia provides a luxurious experience. St. Lucia is a gorgeous tropical island in the southern Caribbean. Travelers fall in love with the mountains, volcanic beaches, lively reefs, and deep blue ocean. 

Golf vacations

Dominican Republic 

When travelers think paradise, the picture that often comes to mind is Dominican Republic resorts and beaches. The land here offers plush sand, warm sun, perfect climate, and an inviting atmosphere. Indulge in the true vacation luxuries here such as the flavorful food, fun activities for all ages, and 


Scuba diving vacations

  Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a territory of 40 remote islands featuring top of the line luxury resorts, white sand beaches, and the world's best diving across the 14-mile coral reef. This location offers an exclusive and private vacation for couples, families, or groups. Different areas of the islands offer a variety of amenities to fit anyone's preferences and lifestyle. 

Scuba diving vacations


Experience simple beauty in Aruba discovering nature in its purest state. Aruba's friendly locals and guides provide an inviting atmosphere highlighting all their land has to offer. While planning your vacation, you'll find yourself exploring the towns and finding adventure by land and sea. It’s easy to wander our Aruba's island in search of happy adventures.

Snorkeling destinations


Barbados is a sweet, up and coming vacation island that provides a luxurious and private destination. The local towns are full of restaurants and shops that you can explore through and visit!  If you're looking for a new Caribbean island to know and love, this may be the place for you!  

Sailing adventures


A fun, up and coming island, Antigua is a southern Caribbean island. This charming town is filled with small town vibes, artsy and historical galleries, and big jerk BBQ flavors. When travelling to this island, plan to spend ample time playing in the sand and the sun. They love to play cricket, have festivals, and to sail and scuba. You may pay a visit to the remote neighboring island, Barbuda, to explore while visiting Antigua. 

Sailing adventures


Get ready for fun-in-the-sun at the lively locations in the Bahamas. Find hotels, resorts and activities in every corner in the Bahamas. Discover where Christopher Columbus first laded, swim with the pigs, find the pirate's treasure, or enjoy a fancy cocktail on the soft sands on the beach. You'll find an adventurer's paradise in the Bahamas. 

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