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Destination: United States

Luxury cruises

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are sweet and small Caribbean islands on US territory. Offering a laid back atmosphere, travelers can expect a inviting welcome and quaint town experience. Spend the days exploring the reefs, markets, or even the stretch of beaches enjoying the coastal living luxuries. 

Luxury cruises


With stretches of white sand beaches covering the coasts and incredible cities in between, you'll find so much culture and happiness in Florida. The sunshine state has something for everyone. Create your vacation package in the home of famous theme parks, modern cities, and breathtaking beaches.

Luxury cruises


Alaska often peaks most travelers' interest because of its out-of-this-world views. Choose to see the natural wonders of this destination by ship, motor coach, train, air craft, or a combination of the options! Itineraries feature fun, adventure-some opportunities fit for all activity levels. 

Cultural tours

  Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas... well you know! It's a vibrant city full of wonderous nightlife, zesty flavors, bursts of luck, and modern architecture making the whole city an innovative experience for your viewing. Our packages include hotel, air, transportation, exhibition, add-on travel destination, and other options. 

National parks


Hawaii is our island state that has six islands featured to tourists. Maui Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai feature different sites and vacation attractions for different travelers all focusing on one main focus: creating a sustainable and thriving environment who's beauty will last an eternity. 

Cultural tours


Arizona, best known for the Grand Canyon, is home to incredible national parks and vast desert landscapes. Travelers enjoy to vacation here for its southwestern flavor and hometown USA atmosphere. 

Ski resorts


With landscapes varying from vineyards to theme parks to big cities to national parks and everything in between, visiting California offers a different experience every time. It's great to pair a short trip to Cali with a trip sailing north to Alaska, south to Mexico, or east to Vegas! Or maybe set on your own adventure hopping around!

Looking for another destination? Please contact us to discuss the trip you're looking for!

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