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Destination: River Cruises

Ryan Trenn


On the Danube river, you'll be navigating through castles and lush landscapes passing through some on the most culturally rich European cities. The itineraries along the Danube typically pass through 8-10 countries from Germany to Hungary.

Ann Brownell


The Rhine river itineraries sail through Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany cruising by castles, cathedrals, and medieval, historic towns. This river cruise reveals an incredible land of beauty and culture through Europe. 

Take Me Away Travel


Find the best of France sailing through the Seine river heading from Normandy to France. Explore the French layers sailing through the picturesque lavender fields, then through romantic and charming countryside towns, into the busy streets of Paris to indulge in the modern and innovative city. 

Take Me Away Travel

  Christmas Markets

Take a Christmas river cruise passing quaint villages covered in holiday lights and decorations. Each town is filled with locals selling handmade gifts that you can take home for you or your loved ones like desserts, treasures, and textiles. If you've never experienced the winter in Europe, it's a holiday must-do. 

Luxury vacations


Set sail along coastlines and through city canals exploring the vibrant areas of Portugal. On the Douro river, you'll find charming large estates and vineyards where you'll exclusively sample local wines and farm-to-table flavors. 

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