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Payment Options

  • What are the payment options available for booking a trip with Take Me Away Travel?
    Take Me Away Travel offers three payment options: full payment, deposit payment, and payment through Affirm. NEW! Pay for your trip monthly with Affirm. Ask your agent for more information!
  • When is full payment required for a trip?
    If you are planning your trip on short notice or opting in, you may be required by our travel partners to make a full payment for your trip with Take Me Away Travel. Otherwise, TMAT offers a payment option through Affirm.
  • How does the deposit payment option work?
    The deposit payment option requires you to pay the trip minimum along with any applicable insurance premiums as a deposit to secure your booking. The remaining balance will be due at the "final payment date" which is always listed on travel documents. Please note this final payment date is firm and cannot be adjusted.
  • What happens to the payments made to Take Me Away Travel?
    When you authorize your agent to pay the deposit or payment, you give permission for Take Me Away Travel to pay the accredited travel supplier on your behalf. This means that the payments you make are applied directly to the designated partner or supplier involved in your trip. By facilitating the payment process, Take Me Away Travel ensures that your funds are appropriately allocated to the relevant travel services and accommodations.
  • How are payments accepted by Take Me Away Travel?
    Take Me Away Travel accepts payments through securely online. By utilizing this online feature, you can provide your payment details securely and conveniently. It ensures that your sensitive information is protected during the payment process.
  • Can I add a travel protection policy later?
    Insurance premiums must be paid at the time of opt-ing in. Travel protection plans can be purchased through the final payment date of a booking.
  • How can I access Affirm as a payment option for my trip booking?
    When booking your trip with Take Me Away Travel, you will be provided with the option to pay through Affirm during the payment process. Your agent can set up your trip to be paid in installments according to Affirm terms. Then, you'll be redirected to completed payments via the Affirm direct website that your agent provides you.
  • How are final payment dates and amounts outlined in my travel documents? Are these terms firm?
    Final payment dates and amounts will be clearly outlined in your travel documents provided by Take Me Away Travel. These terms are firm and should be adhered to as per the agreed-upon terms of your booking.
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